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We are wrapping up casting (hopefully) this weekend. I think the process has gone smoothly for the most part. We had a few snags, but nothing game breaking.

We'll be doing screen tests for the remainder of the month of January, and will be beginning principal photography starting in February. We will be looking for extras throughout the duration of the film shoot, but I wanted to go ahead and extend the invitation out to anyone who may already be interested in helping us out as an extra.

If you would like to participate as an extra, please send a recent photo of yourself (make sure we can actually see what you look like in it.) Along with your age, and location. You'll need to be available on weekends, and for extended periods of time during those days. This is a fun opportunity to get to see what its like to be on a movie set, on a smaller more intimate scale. Send your photos to: blackflightstudio@gmail.com SUBJECT LINE: EXIT 101 Extras

If you auditioned for a role, but didn't get the part. We can still use you as an extra, if this is the case and you'd still like to participate just send us an email stating that you'd still like to help out as an extra. We won't need a photo as we already have them on file for everyone who did audition.

Thanks guys!


misscc803 said...

If you need any extra crew help and I'm available I wouldn't mind helping.


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