Partial Cast list!

Sunday, December 27, 2009 | |

We are not done with all of the auditions/casting, because of some issues and just not finding quite the right person yet. We have some folks coming back for callbacks, and some new folks auditioning. However, we did find some of our cast already and I felt like we should announce those, and once we have the other roles cast.. we'll post those as well. Please do not email us if you are not listed here. We either haven't cast for your character yet, or you weren't what we were looking for. We had alot of talented people, and we wish we could cast everyone but thats the breaks! If you aren't cast, we can always use you as an extra/featured extra.. so keep that in mind.

Without further ado... The cast so far!

Blake: Dennis Proulx

Caleb: Joseph Lavender

Sarah's Grandma: Carolyn Tondee

Caleb's Mom: Cara Tondee

Delilah: Bethany Tiller

Reggie: Devin Ray

The Professor: Maxine Phelps

Sheriff Rankin: Travis Breedlove

Deputy Rayford: Walter Robert Duckworth

EMT: Chris Taylor

The Woman: Robin Eason

The News Anchor: Julie Jones Ivey

Billy The Pizza Guy: Matthew Odom

The Hitchhiker: Leon Sills

and Jerry Hawkins (role TBA)


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