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We have finally finished the casting for EXIT 101 and we thought you'd like to see the FULL cast list. Thanks to everyone who auditioned, we saw alot of great talent and we wish we had spots for all of you.

Sarah - Cassandra Johnson
Colin - Sebastian Gruber
Caleb - Joseph Lavender
Blake - Dennis Proulx
Stacey - Kasey Stewart
Reggie - Devin Ray
Erica - Raina Strickland
Deputy Rayford - Walter Robert Duckworth
Sarah's Grandma - Carolyn Tondee
Sheriff Rankin - Travis Breedlove
Cletus - Jason Tyler
Jed - Jerry Hawkins
Delilah - Bethany Tiller
The Pizza Guy - Matthew Odom
Caleb's Mom - Cara Tondee
Lisa The Reporter - Julie Jones Ivey
Ted The anchorman - John Hudson Messerall
EMT - Chris Taylor
EMT 2 - Austin Martin
The Woman - Robin Eason
Dr. Carlton - Don Helton
Dr. Williams - Michael Williams
The Professor - Maxine Phelps
Sarah's Grandpa - Daniel Young
The Hitchhiker - Leon Sills


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