EXIT 101 in the news!

Thursday, October 22, 2009 | |

So, myself and William Mahnken (set photography/promotions) met with Peggy King, news editor of the local newspaper; The Cordele Dispatch. She interviewed me regarding our film. I figured it would be some smallish article in the middle of the paper and noone would care nor bother to see it. When I got up Sunday morning and went down to the store.. I was shocked to see a very LARGE picture of me, stretched across the top of the newspaper with the film being the top story on SUNDAY! This has spawned numerous emails and contact from those wanting to help, and some just emailed me with some kind words (which is stinking awesome).

I met with Doug also, and we went over some possible script changes. None of the proposed changes, changes the plot in any way.There were just a couple of iffy places that need to be fixed.

Also, we are still getting some donations from kickstarter. We are no longer using kickstarter. If you have already donated at kickstarter, you won't be charged. We changed over to a paypal payment button.


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