1st Crew meeting

Sunday, October 11, 2009 | |

We had our very first crew meeting Saturday night at the local Mexican Restaurant. Everyone got a chance to meet, and we got into a more indepth conversation with Monica Simmons the chamber president. We have the green light so far on everything we need access to. We have changed the route we are going with the camera, after debates and budget concerns. We were actually able to borrow the particular camera we are going to be using, to do some test shots. I'm pretty pleased with the images it produces. I won't say the model or brand, since it really doesn't matter. Just wait and see! I'm taking the kickstarter link down for now, since we have a paypal donate page setup. This seems like a better way to go for our needs. Please, donate via the paypal button on www.blackflightstudios.com.


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