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Hey guys. I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been busy working on the final changes to the script. Thats out of the way finally, and I have begun storyboarding. Right now we are on schedule, and are planning on doing casting calls in early to mid December. That being said, I've already received an immense amount of submissions from actors/actresses (or those aspiring to be such) and I felt that it might make sense to give everyone breakdowns of the characters we are casting for so those interested can decide exactly what role may fit best for them, and be better prepared come audition time.

The roles listed below are the main cast, and their supporting cast. If none of the roles below match you, don't worry. We will need a pretty large amount of extras, some of which are featured. These are in all age groups, and all types. So please submit anyway, even if you don't fit one of the main cast roles. I'll be glad to provide sides to those who are serious about auditioning in December. The film will be shot mostly on weekends, and will consume some long days. Please make sure you are aware of what this requires before you choose to submit or audition. Some of the smaller roles will only require a day/few days of shooting.. so if you know you won't be available for the entire shoot.. please keep that in mind when choosing what characters to audition for. Most of the main cast, will need to be available for every day of shooting. As of now, compensation will be a copy of the finished product, credit, and hopefully some good food. There will be the chance to be compensated monetarily if the film does well after it has released. Well thats enough blabber.. here are the character breakdowns. If you haven't submitted already. Send a recent photo, and any acting experience you may have to: Blackflightstudio@gmail,com and put "EXIT 101 audition" in the subject line.




Caucasian, early 20s, The girl next door.

Caucasian, early 20s, Geeky, wanna be ladies man.

Caucasian, early-mid 20s, Loner type.
(THIS ROLE HAS BEEN FILLED, Not currently accepting submissions for this role.)

Caucasian, early-mid 20s, College Football Jock.

Caucasian, early 20s, Ditzy Cheerleader.

African-American, early-mid 20s, College football player.

Caucasian, early 20s, Goth slacker chick.



Sarah's Grandma:
Caucasian, late 50s early 60s. Southern and old fashioned.

Deputy Rayford:
Caucasian, late 40s early 50s. Straight laced deputy.

Dr. Carlton:
Caucasian, late 40s. Intellectual and to the point.

Dr. Williams:
African-American, late 30s, smart and professional.

The Professor:
Any ethnicity, late 40s, Intelligent but hip.

Billy(The Pizza Guy):
Caucasian, late teens early to mid 20s, dorky.

The Hitchhiker:
Any ethnicity, late 40s, scraggly and ungroomed.

Caucasian, mid 30s, Over the top redneck.

Caucasion, mid 20s, Over the top, but goofy redneck.

Caucasian, mid to late 20s, Trashy but attractive.

News Anchor:
Any ethnicity, Any gender. Late 20s, early to mid 30s. Typical local news caster.

Caleb's Mother:
Caucasian, late 40s, loving yet stern. Typical mother.

Lisa the reporter:
Any ethnicity, female, late 20s to early 30s. Strong willed tv news reporter.

Sheriff Rankin:
Caucasian, late 40s, Tough and stern.

The Paramedics:
Any ethnicity, male, late 20s, early 30s. blue collar guys with a sense of humor.

The Jock:
Caucasian, male, early 20s, random class clown.

The Woman:
Any ethnicity, female, late 30s, high strung. Gets irritated easily.

The Party Guys:
Any ethnicity, male, early 20s. Party animals, some of Blake's friends.


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