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So, last time I blogged I was talking about one of the locations I have been scouting for the film. I wanted to make sure we could get it before I continued on, because if I couldn't.. I was going to have to make alot of major changes to the script that I really would rather not have to do. I have been in contact with Monica Simmons, the president of the chamber of commerce here; and she has given us her approval to shoot at the location, and has stated she will assist in any way she can. AWESOME! So, I am supposed to be meeting with her soon to show her the specifics.. but I decided to go out there today and shoot some sample footage on my handycam. Unfortunately I forgot to bring a batter.. derrrr.. But luckily had my wife's D40 with me. So I still was able to get some stills and get a better idea of how its going to look and how the scenes are going to be laid out. So far, everything is pretty much perfect. You can't really tell in the stills (I'm no photographer) but I think this is going to be great. Take a look.

By the way, I just wanted to mention something really quick in case people are reading this and are interested in working or helping us with the film. This is a super low budget movie. We are working out of the money (very little of it that we have) from our own pockets. So at this point, we expect everyone working with us to make this happen..to have the same vision. Everyone will get a copy of the film, credit, some good food (hopefully) and some fun times. Probably will be on IMDB as well. I'd like to offer payment to all those who help at some point, but the uncertainty of whether or not the movie will succeed once its complete is not something we can say for sure. The reason why I am saying this is because we've already been garnering some interest from crew/actors and I just want to be up front and honest with what we are doing. We believe that if we can get the ball rolling with this film and we DO actually make some profit from it.. We can be in a better position to be able to pay our cast and crew something for their efforts. Noone likes working for free, and we hate asking for it.. especially those who outweigh us by tons in the experience dept. We don't want to get more than we pay for, if that makes any sense. We just want everyone to know exactly what we expect and what we are about. If your still interested after my long spill, then you are who we are looking for. If not, maybe we will pick you up when we are making money with this stuff! Our number one goal is to do something noone else has done in our town, and out our little town on the map!


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