Missile shooting almost a GO!

Thursday, September 17, 2009 | |

Ok, so an integral part of the story we are creating pertains to a landmark just off "EXIT 101" and yes.. EXIT 101 is real. It is a giant confederate TITAN missile, that was cemented into the ground as a tourist attraction many many years ago. Its probably the most talked about spectacle in our town and I thought it would be awesome to incorporate it into the backstory of the film. Well, I figured before I bit off more than I could chew.. that I should contact the chamber and find out if we could actually shoot footage of it and around it. I got an email back from Monica Simmons the president of the Cordele chamber earlier today stating that we could indeed shoot footage of the missile. I'm supposed to meet up with her to show her exactly what we want to do with it. We are in the right direction!


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