EXIT 101 is officially in preproduction!

Monday, September 21, 2009 | |

Well, I've posted a few times over the past few weeks about what we have been doing for the development of the film. My main objective thus far has been securing a major location for the backstory of the film and we've gotten the support of the Cordele GA Rotary Club, and with the help of Monica Simmons it looks like this project is on its way to becoming a reality. I met with her today to talk about the ideas I had for the film and what we wanted to do with it. I'm excited to say that we are moving forward with the project faster than I'd hoped with support from our local community. We want to put our little town on the map with something cool and creative that everyone here will have a chance to have a hand in. There will be some BIG news soon.. so stay tuned!


Andy Leonard said...

Awesome! Speaking from current experience, location scouting can be the most hellish part of pre-production. I'm glad your community is being supportive.

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