Day 4 "almost" finished!

Monday, March 1, 2010 | |

I promise I will get back to the features on our cast/crew shortly. I've been so busy filming and planning shooting dates that I haven't had a chance. We shot some more opening scenes at the missile Saturday night. We had the very awesome vintage Police car, that the Crisp County Sheriff's Dept most generously allowed us to use, and even did a bit of stunt driving for us. Also want to thank the Crisp County Police Dept. for helping with crowd control! We got some great stuff, and was even able to brave 20 degree wind, people getting set on fire, and lighting malfunctions. Here's a photo album of more photos from the Lab and all new photos from Saturday. William Mahnken is our set photographer.


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感謝分享好的作品~~ ........................................

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