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We've finally set a date for Open Casting.

Date? DECEMBER 5TH 2009
Where? Cordele Crisp Chamber of Commerce
Time? 8AM until 5PM with a break for lunch somewhere in there.
What? Bring a recent photo of yourself if you have one. And be prepared to read lines from the script.

Here is a map to the Chamber. You can get directions according to where you live in relation.

Please Note: These auditions are NOT for extra or background roles. These roles are for main cast only. If you wish to be an extra or background actor. Please keep checking back to our websites for information. We will announce when we need those types of roles as we need them.

Additionally, if you have previously submitted via email. You have the option of auditioning on Dec. 5th if you wish, but all those who have "scheduled" auditions will be done on Dec. 12th. If for some reason you cannot make it on the 12th, please email me and we will try our best to make arrangements. If you'd rather come on the 5th, please let us know as well. We will try to accomodate you as best we can. For those still interested in submitting ahead of time, send an email to including a recent photo/headshot and any acting experience you may have.

Finally, just in case you haven't gotten the information previously (it has been posted several times). These positions are not paid, but COPY/CREDIT/MEALS will be provided. There is a chance of payment after production but we cannot promise anything before hand. This is a labor of love for us, and we must expect the same from everyone working with us at this time. We want to be up front with everyone so there is no confusion.

Lastly, I am posting the character breakdowns again, so they are at the top of the page as well as adding them to myspace, and facebook. Look forward to meeting with you all and hope to be getting one step closer to shooting!




Caucasian, early 20s, The girl next door.

Caucasian, early 20s, Geeky, wanna be ladies man.

Caucasian, early-mid 20s, Loner type.
(THIS ROLE HAS BEEN FILLED, Not currently accepting submissions for this role.)

Caucasian, early-mid 20s, College Football Jock.

Caucasian, early 20s, Ditzy Cheerleader.

African-American, early-mid 20s, College football player.

Caucasian, early 20s, Goth slacker chick.



Sarah's Grandma:
Caucasian, late 50s early 60s. Southern and old fashioned.

Deputy Rayford:
Caucasian, late 40s early 50s. Straight laced deputy.

Dr. Carlton:
Caucasian, late 40s. Intellectual and to the point.

Dr. Williams:
African-American, late 30s, smart and professional.

The Professor:
Any ethnicity, late 40s, Intelligent but hip.

Billy(The Pizza Guy):
Caucasian, late teens early to mid 20s, dorky.

The Hitchhiker:
Any ethnicity, late 40s, scraggly and ungroomed.

Caucasian, mid 30s, Over the top redneck.

Caucasion, mid 20s, Over the top, but goofy redneck.

Caucasian, mid to late 20s, Trashy but attractive.

News Anchor:
Any ethnicity, Any gender. Late 20s, early to mid 30s. Typical local news caster.

Caleb's Mother:
Caucasian, late 40s, loving yet stern. Typical mother.

Lisa the reporter:
Any ethnicity, female, late 20s to early 30s. Strong willed tv news reporter.

Sheriff Rankin:
Caucasian, late 40s, Tough and stern.

The Paramedics:
Any ethnicity, male, late 20s, early 30s. blue collar guys with a sense of humor.

The Jock:
Caucasian, male, early 20s, random class clown.

The Woman:
Any ethnicity, female, late 30s, high strung. Gets irritated easily.

The Party Guys:
Any ethnicity, male, early 20s. Party animals, some of Blake's friends.


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