Its the Final Countdown!

Saturday, August 14, 2010 | |

Hey guys, I know its been a LONG time since I updated this but I've been extremely busy. We've shot some of the most intensive scenes of the film and I've been talking to tons of people and sorting out extras and doing all sorts of producer duties. I decided today I'd take the time to update literally everything. So if you haven't yet.. go check out the newly updated Blackflight Studios page at and go add us on Facebook as well. We are down to the final days of filming. It seems that everything that could go wrong would go wrong right here at the end. We've had to deal with people we weren't prepared for, camera's getting run over (lol), rain, and TRAINS!!!!!! We would have already been done filming if it weren't for the ridiculous amount of trains that come through this area. I really do love this area for what we are doing, but from an audio standpoint.. the trains really aggravate us when we are trying to get perfect sound.

I'd like to take this time to give a shout out to all our Cast, Crew, and Extras and anyone who has in someway helped make this film possible. Without you guys, we would have nothing. I want to see everyone in line at the Cordele Theater come opening night (whenever that is!) Once EXIT 101 is in the can, we already have several projects in the pipe that we are extremely excited about. I can't go into any details yet, but soon!

To finish out the blog, here's a few stills. Some of you have probably already seen them. Just want to give a shout out to one of our extras Lori Cameron for being a trooper.