Sunday, May 23, 2010 | |

I looked at our shooting schedule today, which is a spreadsheet I created that lists every single scene in the film, so that we can keep track of what we have filmed, and what we have left to shoot. As we shoot the scenes are highlighted in yellow to denote that we are done shooting that particular scene. I'm glad to let you guys know that there is an awful lot of yellow on there right now! We are moving along! We just wrapped several scenes up with some great actors. Want to thank our Associate Producer Monica Simmons for helping us out with the Crisp County Sheriff and EMS. Also want to thank them for hanging in there with us for the shots we got this weekend. We are getting ready to release the first of a few teaser trailers on youtube/vimeo and some other sites over the next week. We hope that you like what you see! As this is being written the last video is being encoded for viewing. So, to finish this out I'm gonna give you a rundown of our crew as they deserve to get a mention for all their hard work and amazingness on set so far. We've had a small crew, and sometimes large crews.. but no matter what we have a great time, and many times these guys wear many different hats. Give it up for the EXIT 101 CREW!

Location Sound/Boom Operator
Kevin "Kebo" Beasley

Set Electrician/Clapper
Dennis "Battleaxe" Frasier

Key Grip/Clapper
Jerry Hawkins

Set Photography/Promotions
William Mahnken

Hair and Makeup
Brenda Phillips
Melinda Stephenson

Special FX/Special FX Makeup
Joseph Lavender
Kevin Beasley
Brooke Echols
Jarrod Musselwhite

Script Supervisor/Costume Designer
Brooke Echols

Neerav Maniklal

Associate Producer/Locations Manager
Monica Simmons

Associate Producer/Costumes
Stephen Dixon

Catering/Craft Services
Dorcas Frasier
Janice Lavender