The Ball is rolling!

Monday, October 5, 2009 | |

Hey guys, just another update.

Some exciting news. Myself and Branden met with Doug Cole last night to talk about the project. Doug is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and design and he currently works with the Nationally Syndicated Outdoor Channel. We discussed our goal with the project and where we wanted to go with it, and it turned out to be a great meeting. It looks like we'll be bringing Doug on board with us as Director of Photography, and whatever other "hats" he chooses to wear! We hope to learn alot from him. Also, I'd like to welcome William Mahnken to the team. William is a local photographer from Cordele. He's volunteered to help us with promotions and behind the scenes photography. We're getting things moving with preproduction. I'm going to start storyboarding soon, once I'm happy with the script (several people are reading it now). We STILL need a camera. Doug suggested that we try to shoot on HD if at all possible. I agree with him for numerous reason, but currently we do not have a HD camera in our possession. We are trying to raise money for different things, but right now without a camera we are stuck. We are still moving along with everything, but casting and production cannot begin until the camera has been aquired. We are getting somewhere now though! If you want to assist with funding, we have a link to our kickstarter page. If you'd feel more comfortable just donating to the project you can email me at and we can set that up as well.


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